About Me

  • IT Engineer Intern at Credimi SPA
    Joined in tech team of Credimi SPA with Scala, Akka, Lagom, Apache Kafka & Camunda

  • Vert.x Module Mantainer
    Entered in Eclipse Vert.x Organization as module mantainer of vertx-web-api-contract

  • GSoC student for Eclipse Vert.X organization
    OpenAPI 3 / RAML integration inside vertx-web framework (for more info check out project page )

  • Started studies as IT Engineer in Politecnico di Milano

  • Robocup Jr. 2016 Management System
    Team leader and backend developer of project. This project had as objective: provide a centralized points management system for Robocup Jr. competitions. Judges used tablets to submit team points inside database through Node.JS/Express backend. Then points and ranks were shown with an Angular.JS web application