Hello world!

Francesco Guardiani bio photo By Francesco Guardiani

This is one of my favourite sentences. Really, when you read hello world on console you know that you have taken the correct path to reach your objective. I read this sentence a lot of times in my console, and every time I’m comforting read it. It gives me the power to write "hello world" + name.

Languages I know

I’ve practiced hello world in different languages:

  • C++
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Python

And others… And I want to practice it in a lot of other different languages, because, as you probably know, in IT world we never stop learning.

My loves: Javascript and Java

Javascript is my favourite language. You can use this language for everything you want: desktop app, mobile app, web app, backend, … It has like an infinite catalogue of libraries for every need! I’m a little bit experienced with Node.JS/Express stack, and a lot of related libraries. I’m also experienced with OpenAPI specification, and all related tools (Swagger Editor, swaggerize-express, …).

For me Java is like big brother of Javascript. But if you love Javascript, you love Java too. I know little bit of Java-EE, Android development and I’m learning right now Eclipse Vert.x for GSoC 2017

So, don’t get surprised if i’m going to talk a lot about Java and Javascript!

The guys that I want to know better: C++ and Python

I’ve got a small experience with C++ and Python, but I’m going to improve my skills. This languages are a must have in a developer portfolio!

Why a blog?

I’m going to write a blog because I want to document my experiences and share my projects. And also, I think it will be funny!

Stay tuned!